PMU Cartridges 0.30 5R - 5.5mm taper (EN17) 20 pcs


Main features:

  • Transparent tip: Offers direct observation of ink movement, allowing for real-time changes and improved control during treatments.

  • Hygiene: The safety membrane promotes a clean working environment.

  • Elongated tip profile: reduces ink spillage during treatments, improves visualization and reduces ink diffusion thanks to its siphon effect.

  • Siphon Lane Needle Tip: Designed to handle thicker inks, ensuring smooth and even distribution of ink.

  • Innovative Membrane System: Fast-response silicone membrane prevents ink backflow and reduces noise and vibration.

Configuration: Round Liner/RL Cartridge:

  • Aimed at providing precise and uniform lines.

  • Perfect for details, from meticulous contour lines to blended shades.

  • Its consistent ink distribution ensures that every stroke is executed with precision, positioning it as a great choice for detailed patterns and Permanent Makeup.

Needle diameter:

0.30 mm: Suitable for medium lines and bold shades.

Tattoo Needle Tips and PMU:

Tip 5R: Mainly for bolder tattoo lines and shading. For Permanent Makeup, it's ideal for bold strokes, great for fuller brow shades or dramatic lip procedures.

Cone Length: 5.5 mm (average): Allows adaptability in both delineation and distinct shading, ensuring uniform and balanced distribution of ink.

Hygiene and reliability:

  • 304 Medical Grade Stainless Steel: Known for its strength, it ensures the longevity of the needle.

  • Medical grade plastic: Cartridge ends made from this material ensure safety and non-reactivity with the skin.

  • Ethylene Oxide (EO) Sterilization: This technique ensures that each cartridge is sterile. Each unit is individually packaged, maintaining its sterile condition until opened.