PMU Cartridges 0.30 1R - 5.5mm Taper (EN02B) 20 pcs

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Main features:

  • Visibility Advantage: Clear cartridges improve monitoring of ink flow and needle action, improving precision and control.

  • Optimized Needle Tips: With slanted and flat and curved rounded ends, these cartridges support a variety of artistic techniques, from fine detail to broader brushstrokes.

  • Safety Mechanism: The cartridges, tensioned by rubber bands, include a plastic membrane that prevents ink from flowing back into the machine.

  • User Convenience: These cartridges make assembly and disassembly easy.

Crucial Details for Artists:


Round Liner/RL Cartridge: Perfect for fine lines, the RL design is adapted for precision treatments, such as contouring or creating hair-like fine lines.

Needle Diameter:

0.30mm: A slightly wider diameter, used to create typical to bold lines and gradients, offering adaptability in design and technique.

Needle Tip:

1R: Designed for highly detailed tasks, excels at creating fine lines and individual detail, commonly used for eyeliner, lip contouring or to mimic individual eyebrow hairs in brow treatments.

Cone Length (Taper): Medium length cones (5.5mm): A balanced choice that offers flexibility for both medium lines and blends with even, consistent ink distribution.

Hygiene and Durability:

  • Medical Grade 304 Stainless Steel: Valued for its longevity, anti-corrosion properties and hygiene; guarantees the preservation of the needle.

  • Medical Grade Plastic: The use of medical grade plastic in the cartridge tips ensures customer safety and a non-reactive interaction.

  • Ethylene Oxide (EO) Sterilization: EO treatment guarantees cartridges free of microorganisms, emphasizing customer well-being. Each unit's distinctive blister packaging maintains its sterile condition until opened.