PMU Cartridges 0.18 5R - 5.5mm Taper (EN02B) 20 pcs


Main features:

    • Visibility Advantage: Clear cartridges improve monitoring of ink flow and needle action, improving accuracy and control.

    • Optimized Needle Tips: With slanted rounded and flat curved tips, these cartridges support various forms of art, from detailed pinpointing to broader strokes.

    • Safety mechanism: The cartridges, tensioned by elastic bands, incorporate a plastic membrane that prevents the ink from flowing back into the machine.

    • User Convenience: These cartridges make it easy to attach and detach.

    Crucial details for artists:


    Round Liner/RL Cartridge: Perfect for fine lining, the RL design is designed for precision treatments, including lining or creating fine hair-like strokes.

    Needle diameter:

    0.18mm: Designed for highly detailed work, accommodating complex patterns and nuanced PMU procedures.

    Needle Tip:

    5R: Suitable for distinct markings in tattoos and shading. For permanent makeup, it excels at broader strokes, making it suitable for shading fuller brows or bold lip treatments.

    Cone Length:

    Medium length cones (5.5mm): A balanced choice that offers flexibility for both medium tracing and shading with even, consistent ink distribution.

    Hygiene and durability:

    • 304 Medical Grade Stainless Steel: Prized for its longevity, anti-corrosion properties and cleanliness; ensures the preservation of the needle.

    • Medical Grade Plastic: Using medical grade plastic in cartridge tips ensures customer safety and non-reactive interaction.

    • Ethylene Oxide (EO) Sterilization: EO treatment ensures a microorganism-free cartridge, emphasizing customer well-being. Each unit's distinctive blister packaging maintains its sterile condition until opened.