PMU Cartridges 0.18 1R, 3.5mm taper (EN11) 20 pcs

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Main Attributes:
Improved Grip: With user comfort as a priority, its silicone coating ensures a comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue. The rubber mounts provide a consistent grip, facilitating a smooth interface between the machine and the cartridge, making longer sessions easier.
Optimal Accuracy: Constructed of 304 surgical grade stainless steel, the needle ensures sharpness for detailed and exact patterns. A clear tip provides excellent visual clarity, allowing for close monitoring of ink distribution and needle position.
Safety: An integrated safety membrane reduces the possibility of cross-contamination, ensuring that ink flow remains in one direction and does not re-enter the machine.
Medical Grade Components: With attention to customer well-being, these cartridges incorporate medical grade plastic tips along with surgical grade steel needles, ensuring a reliable and hygienic procedure.
Configuration: Round Liner/RL Cartridge
Ideal for detailed treatments, ranging from precise lines to nuanced shades.
The even distribution of the ink makes it an ideal option for very detailed work in tattoos or permanent makeup treatments.
Needle diameter:
Size 0.20mm: Optimal for extremely fine lines, highlighting nuance and precision.
Needle Tip:
1R: Suitable for finer details in tattoos and PMU processes. It provides ideal precision for complex patterns, hair strokes and detailed eyeliner in PMU procedures.
Cone Length:
3.5mm (shortest): Made for bold lines and gradients, ensuring dense color distribution.
Packaging Details: Each of the 20 cartridges is treated with ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization and is individually packaged, ensuring they remain pristine for as long as they are used.