PhiContour SUPER Pigment - LIPS Collection

Discover the PhiContour SUPER Pigment Lips Collection, a range of high-quality permanent makeup pigments designed to offer artists and clients a premium lip PMU experience.
PhiContour SUPER Lip Pigments are crafted by PhiAcademy to deliver exceptional results, safety and customer satisfaction.
Why choose PhiContour SUPER Pigment Lips Collection?

  • Advanced formula: bioinert coating for an additional level of protection against pigment migration.

  • Remarkable color retention: color stability for longer lasting color and lip contours.

  • Fast healing: Accelerated healing times to allow customers to appreciate their new lip color sooner.

  • Versatile Color Options: 5 distinctive shades suitable for various skin tones and preferences, with custom shade mixing available.

  • Compatibility: Can be used with leading PMU tattoo machines, such as Simplicity Master and Simplicity Artist, for precise application.

The PhiContour SUPER Pigment Lips collection includes:

  • Coral x 5ml

  • Flame x 5ml

  • Fuchsia x 5ml

  • Flamingo x 5ml

  • Nude Light x 5ml

We ensure that our pigments meet all ingredient requirements as specified by the new EU Regulation on Tattoo Pigments and Inks 2022.
*Please note that the color you see may not exactly match the pigment in real life, due to variations in color gradation displayed on screens.