PhiContour BROWN 2 SUPER Pigment 5ml - 2pcs

PhiContour SUPER Pigments, carefully developed by PhiAcademy, are appreciated worldwide for their safety and high-quality results in cosmetic tattooing.
Reasons to choose PhiContour SUPER pigments:

  • Without fillers or preservatives - they offer a safe cosmetic tattoo experience.

  • Bioinert coating: offers additional defense against pigment migration.

  • Stable, long-lasting color: Exceptional color stability for long-lasting results.

  • Faster Healing: Clients can enjoy the results of PMUs before healing.

  • Compatibility: Works with major PMU machines such as Simplicity Master and Simplicity Artist.

PhiContour SUPER Pigment colors available:

  • Brown 1

  • Brown 2

  • Brown 3


  • Coral

  • Flame

  • Fuchsia

  • Flamingo

  • Nude Light

Basic colors:

  • Red

  • Yellow

  • Orange

  • Magenta

Additional colors:

  • Midnight Black

  • White

Pigment colors can be purchased individually or in collections: Eyebrows, Lips and Base.

We ensure that our pigments meet all ingredient requirements as specified by the new EU Regulation on Tattoo Pigments and Inks 2022.
*Please note that the color you see may not exactly match the pigment in real life, due to variations in color gradation displayed on screens.