Lashes Lifting Sachet Set

This set contains all 3 steps necessary for the eyelash lamination treatment. The treatment creates naturally lifted and uniform lashes without the need for mascara.
Step 1 - The Lashes Lifting Cream Sachet is applied no further than half of the eyelashes. In this way, a long-lasting lifting and volumizing effect is achieved for the eyelashes.
Phase 2 - The Lashes Lifting Neutralizing Sachet is used to fix the lifting effect of phase 1. Additionally, the neutralizing solution helps prevent damage to the eyelashes.
Step 3 - The Lashes Lifting Moisturizing Serum Sachet is applied to gently detach the lashes from the Lashes Lifting Silicone Shield used during the treatment. The sachet has a nourishing effect on the lash line. The lashes remain evenly distributed, soft and healthy.
Each pack of Lashes Lifting contains:

  • 10x Lashes Lifting Cream Sachets 1.5ml

  • 10x Lashes Lifting Neutralising Sachets 1.5ml

  • 10x Lashes Lifting Moisturizing Serum Sachets 1.5ml

Each sachet is sufficient for approximately 3-4 treatments.
*We invite you to consult the instructions in the Lashes Lifting treatment manual very carefully to ensure the correct development time of the sachets in each phase.