Disposable Tool With U24 Nano Blade 10pcs


The disposable tool nano U24 blade is a disposable tool for drawing eyebrows with the microblading technique, it is composed of 24 thin, closely spaced needles that form a U-shaped row. Each of them has a diameter of 0.15 mm. The uniform spacing between the needles ensures excellent penetration.

Its shape makes it ideal for drawing curved lines. The blade is very sharp, which allows you to make extremely thin strokes. The blade is made of solid 304 stainless steel and has been polished with laser technology.

At the other end of the tool there is a sterilized microapplicator with which you can apply the pigment to the eyebrows without lint and gently on the skin.

The product also comes with a sterile patch that is attached to the glove and used to clean the blade

This is an advanced blade for professional use!

One box contains 10 pieces.